The ability to overcome the challenges facing the state depends on effective communication between the central government and the regions. This was stated by Chairperson of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Dmytro Razumkov.
"Today it is important for us to build effective communications at different levels. Especially, it is important to build clear communication at the center-region level," he said during the online discussion within the "Days of the Parliament in the Regions" organized by the USAID RADA program.
Dmytro Razumkov expressed hope that the discussion would help involve representatives of local communities in the legislative process in the Parliament, in particular in Committees.
"There has to be a vertical of relationships, not just a vertical of power, that someone is subordinate to someone, but a system of decision-making, assistance, resolution of issues, which will allow us to respond quickly to challenges. Only by uniting will we be able to achieve results," the Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada said.
According to him, consolidation of efforts to counteract the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine is especially important. He also added that the Verkhovna Rada has demonstrated how all parliamentary factions and groups can unite to make decisions on this issue.
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