Dear friends!
Very soon 2020 will end and go down in history. It was a difficult year. For me personally, for each of you, for the country. A year that gave us a different look at many things and values that used to seem completely simple and ordinary.
For the first time in our history, Ukraine and the world have faced such a large-scale disease that has radically changed our lives. Lockdown, social distance, remote work – all this has become our new reality.
Unfortunately, in addition to the active front in eastern Ukraine, there was another front - the medical front. I know that everyone was involved in the fight to the best of their ability. Some have fought for their own health and the health of their families; some have cared for and continue to care for the health of their patients.
On the one hand, this year and the pandemic have torn us apart. Sometimes we could not see our relatives and friends, touch or hug them. We could not always visit our parents so as not to endanger them. But the worst thing for us was when our children were sick.
At the same time, the pandemic taught us how to help and support each other. Fight together new challenges. To worry about the health not only of your family, but also of the whole country. And the main thing is to become stronger together and keep moving forward!
In the new year, I would like to wish every family, every home, every person in our country comfort, happiness, harmony, success, victories and family warmth. Let each of us, wherever we are now  at the festive table or on the front line, on self-isolation or on duty in the hospital  feel the joy and faith of the coming year. May the new year be generous with good news and bring our country the long-awaited peace and tranquility.
This year has definitely shown the world that health is the most valuable thing we can have. So, in 2021, I want to wish everyone the most important thing  good health!
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
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