The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ruslan Stefanchuk, in an interview with the Rada TV channel, spoke about the results of the two-day Ukraine Recovery International Conference held in the Swiss city of Lugano.

According to the Chairman, the event gathered donors from all over the world. During two days, the Ukrainian delegation held a large number of meetings with representatives of various institutions and authorities of different countries.

Among the main issues of these meetings, as Ruslan Stefanchuk said, was the topic of creating a legal mechanism that would enable the whole world to hold the russian federation accountable as an aggressor country.

 "The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has already adopted several acts to hold russia accountable. We are working on the same mechanism with partner countries. It is important not only to confiscate from the russian federation but also to provide a clear and reasonable list of damages caused by russia to Ukraine," said the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament.

Ruslan Stefanchuk also said that shortly the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine should adopt an official methodology for calculating the damages caused by the aggressor.

 "I hope that this example of Ukraine will be an incentive for all other parliaments to adopt legislative acts to make official and transparent the process by which the assets of the russian federation, the assets of Russian oligarchs, will be confiscated in order to compensate for the losses to Ukraine," the Speaker of the Parliament of Ukraine emphasized.

Ruslan Stefanchuk also noted that the Ukrainian Parliament took an active part in developing the Recovery Plan of Ukraine, presented at the International Conference in Lugano.

 "Together, as a united team of the Parliament of Ukraine, with our Swiss colleagues, we worked out our movement along essential tracks.

1?The first is the implementation of 15 programs, which clearly describe the directions in which we will move.
2?The second is the adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to EU standards.

We received candidacy for EU membership, so the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine must do its "homework," Ruslan Stefanchuk emphasized, adding that the deputies are already working on a joint plan for the further work of the Parliament, taking into account the proposals submitted by parliamentarians of other countries.

 "This will be a plan to adapt our legislation to European legislation. Soon, we will actively start moving towards the EU along the parliamentary track," the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine emphasized.

He noted that, despite the war, the Parliament did not stop its legislative work and continues to actively work on relevant tasks related to the direction of European integration.

 "We are determined to ensure that all comments on the implementation of certain things are implemented.  Immediately after receiving the application, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy convened an extended meeting of all branches of government.  We worked out a single plan of work in terms of obtaining membership.  Everyone knows their tasks, their tasks.  This work is coordinated, which means it will be successful," said the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

He emphasized that the same coordinated work is demonstrated today by the country's single legislative body.

 "Since the beginning of the war, an "anti-war coalition" has been created in the Verkhovna Rada, which includes all factions and groups. I want to thank my colleagues that we are maintaining a normal depoliticized approach.
We agreed from the first day that we have one policy – Ukraine," Ruslan Stefanchuk emphasized.
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