Ukraine is trying to strengthen its position as much as possible both before and at the NATO Summit. The event, which will take place in Washington on 9-11 July, is expected to adopt a number of practical steps to deepen Ukraine's cooperation with its partners from the Alliance.

This was stated by the MP, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Defence and Intelligence, Head of the Permanent Delegation of Ukraine to the NATO PA Yehor Chernev.

"We do not abandon the idea of a political invitation to NATO and consider it the only legal instrument that confirms our movement towards membership in the Alliance. It's good that our partners have a consensus that Ukraine will be in NATO, but steps should also be taken in this direction. Now it is very difficult to say that a decision on a political invitation will be made, but I see that decisions will be made on our practical integration into NATO," the MP said.

According to him, a number of steps will be taken to deepen Ukraine's cooperation with its partners.

"We know that the mission in Wiesbaden, which coordinates all assistance to Ukraine, will be expanded. The status of Ukraine's representative to NATO will be raised to the level of ambassador. In addition, the summit is expected to give final approval to provide us with military assistance next year in the amount of 40 billion. The main thing is that this will be coordinated in the NATO format and it will be an obligation, not voluntary assistance," the MP said.

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