This week in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe can be safely called Ukrainian, as the main topics of discussion concerned our country. As a result, four documents were voted for that concern every Ukrainian family.

This was stated by Mariia Mezentseva, the MP, Deputy Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Ukraine's Integration with the EU, Head of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE.

“The PACE discussed the issues of internally displaced persons, refugees, children illegally deported by russia and their return, the return of prisoners of war, the provision of social guarantees, financial assistance, the implementation of development programmes and support for Ukrainians, including those living abroad. Of course, the issue of a compensation mechanism was also discussed, which would allow every Ukrainian to receive compensation for the damage caused. The resolution on the erasure of our identity provides for compensation for the destroyed cultural heritage sites,” the politician said.

She stressed that the PACE supported an important amendment regarding the genocidal policy of the russian federation, ruscism and the fact that russia is a sponsor of terrorism.

"By doing so, we are giving a specific pass to our colleagues in the United States, who are considering the idea of recognising russia as a sponsor of terrorism. We have also proposed to impose additional sanctions against russian arms manufacturers and managers of such companies, against the ships of the russian shadow fleet, which the aggressor uses to illegally transport oil, as well as individual restrictions against war criminals," the MP stressed.

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