Today is a very active day in Ankara (Turkey) for Ukrainian parliamentarians. The delegation headed by Anna Purtova defended Ukraine’s interests in completely blocking the work of the russian federation in the international arena in the Black Sea.

Firstly, during the speech of the russian representative, the delegation raised 3 Ukrainian flags, which were handed over from the Ukrainian military, as a symbol of the victory of Ukrainian soldiers.

Secondly, 9 members from the russian federation were not confirmed, thus they have no right to take part in any voting and influence the organization’s decisions.

Thirdly, the russian candidate for the position of deputy secretary general, thanks to the votes of Ukraine’s friendly countries, followed the russian warship.

“We understand the importance of each vote, but due to the specifics of some countries friendly to the aggressor country, it is difficult to get a result, but our strong and patriotic team of 9 deputies had been working with members of the assembly, ambassadors of each country for several months beforehand,” – said Anna Purtova.

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