The Verkhovna Rada has adopted a statement on the need to ensure accountability of those responsible for the most serious crimes under international law on the territory of Ukraine by a constitutional majority. This is yet another example of the bold diplomacy that the Ukrainian parliament continues to implement.

This was stated by Mariia Mezentseva, the MP, Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Ukraine’s Integration with the EU.

“The relevant document was adopted on the eve of the meeting of the working group, which already includes thirty-three countries. They will meet in Strasbourg and discuss the creation of a tribunal, a special judicial body, to bring russia to justice for the highest crime – the crime of aggression. It has been committed by the highest political and military leadership of the russian federation since 2014 against Ukraine. Our resolution also focuses on an international mechanism for compensation for all losses. Both the special court and this mechanism have been under consideration by PACE delegates since March last year,” the politician said.

She reminded that in May, a historic meeting will be held in Iceland, when the heads of government of 46 Council of Europe states will meet to discuss the future of the organisation.

“It is important that the focus of this meeting will be on Ukraine with a special tribunal and a mechanism for compensation,” the MP added.

According to her, the statement adopted by the Verkhovna Rada is also an appeal to the UN General Assembly, to the member states of various Parliamentary Assemblies, which have already adopted relevant resolutions at their level.

“We are working as a special group under the Office of the President together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, international organisations, international experts and international prosecutors to ensure that a decision on the responsibility of those responsible for the most serious crimes on the territory of Ukraine is made as soon as possible. I want this resolution to be supported by the maximum number of MPs, and I am confident in positive decisions,” the MP said.

She reminded that the aggressor has already committed about 72,000 war crimes on the territory of Ukraine. And in this context, the decision of the International Criminal Court to detain Putin is a historic moment, which means that justice can be ensured in a short time.

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