In the morning of October 10, 2022, the terrorist state launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine aiming at civilian infrastructure and educational institutions, destroying private houses, and killing ordinary citizens in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities. The estimated number of civilian casualties caused by the barrage of strikes is constantly growing. A number of the missiles were aimed at energy infrastructure facilities in order to inflict great suffering on the civilian population. Most of the targets are Ukrainian energy infrastructure facilities, therefore some of the regions experience power outages. Such actions committed by the terrorist state undermine the energy security of the whole Europe and critical energy exports of Ukraine to neighboring countries. This brutal attack is a manifestation of the continued genocide against the Ukrainian people, which the russian federation is carrying out openly and on a massive scale. Today’s attack is perhaps the most powerful since the outbreak of the large-scale invasion launched by the kremlin dictator against Ukraine.

Apparently, rushist beats followed the genocidal policy purported by the Nazi Germany leadership during the World War II, ostensibly making the claim to “finally solve the Jewish question.” The same rhetoric is now followed by the official authorities of blood-stained russia, including the parliament, who, together with their cultural leaders, media personalities and propagandists bring the message across newspapers, radio and central federal TV channels about their intended goal of “finally solving the Ukrainian question.” Unfortunately, the kremlin practice of persistent brainwashing of russian citizens by the kremlin propaganda machine has led to the fact that the majority of the russian population strongly supports this idea.

In view of the barbaric air attack on October 10, 2022, we appeal to all states of the world to condemn the policy of genocide against the people of Ukraine pursued by the terrorist state - the russian federation, and to immediately cut diplomatic, political, economic and any other ties with the criminal regime. We urge to take all possible steps to maximize pressure on the aggressor state in order to prevent them from continuing their unpunished murders of the civilian population of Ukraine, from continuing nuclear and energy blackmail against the democratic states of the world.

Led by the blood-stained international terrorist putin, russia is a cancerous tumor on the body of Europe, which is trying to spread it's painful metastases throughout the democratic world. It is our duty to jointly protect the civilized world from the Russian contagion.

On Behalf of the
Verkhovna Rada Committee on Foreign Affairs
and Inter-parliamentary Cooperation                                                       O. MEREZHKO
                                                                                                  Chairman of the Committee 
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