"The occupying country must bear responsibility for the crimes it has committed for eight years", – said Nelly Yakovleva, deputy head of the Committee on Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

 The working visit to the Geneva Center for Security Sector Governance (DCAF), Switzerland, has ended, where the people's deputies of Ukraine presented the position of our state regarding the role of the parliament in the field of international humanitarian law and human rights.

Issues related to war crimes of the russian federation, crimes against humanity, genocidal policy against the Ukrainian nation, formation of military justice in Ukraine, activities of the ICRC, and observance of the rights of prisoners of war were considered.

 "I have repeatedly emphasized that war crimes and crimes against humanity have been taking place on the territory of Ukraine due to russian aggression since 2014. The occupying country must bear responsibility for crimes committed within eight years. This is one chain of events of an international armed conflict, de facto - a war.

Switzerland has had a policy of neutrality since 1815, but now it has joined the EU sanctions in support of Ukraine. And Geneva is the world center for the location of international organizations and humanitarian missions. Therefore, it is vital to strengthen advocacy and diplomatic activities in these areas to promote Ukrainian interests. We continue to work!" said Nelly Yakovleva.
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