Oleksandr Merezhko, Head of the Committee on Foreign Policy and Interparliamentary Cooperation, met with a delegation of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament, chaired by Thomas Tugendhat, Head of the Committee.
The Chairman of the Committee Oleksandr Merezhko stressed the strategic nature of Ukrainian-British relations and expressed gratitude for the continued support for Ukraine's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, as well as for Britain's policy of non-recognition of the annexation of Crimea.
The participants discussed strengthening the Ukrainian-British political dialogue, including the United Kingdom's support in countering Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine, including the sanctions policy against the aggressor state, and Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration.
The parliamentarians also discussed the security situation in eastern Ukraine, in the Black and Azov Seas, the threat of hybrid challenges, human rights violations in the temporarily occupied territories, the role of the OSCE in the peace settlement, the prospects of the negotiation process within the Tripartite Contact Group and in the Normandy format.
During the meeting, special attention was paid to the prospects of expanding humanitarian and military-technical cooperation between Ukraine and the United Kingdom.
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