During the plenary week, which lasted November 16-19, 2021, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine held 5 plenary sessions, at which it adopted 19 Laws of Ukraine:

- On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges" Concerning the Territorial Jurisdiction of Local Courts on the Territory of Ukraine (No. 5387);

- On mediation (No. 3504). The law enshrines at the legislative level the possibility of conducting a mediation procedure, which will consist of a voluntary out-of-court settlement of a conflict (dispute) through negotiations between its parties, with the help of a mediator. The law defines the legal framework and procedure for mediation in Ukraine;

- On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Concerning the Determination of the Pricing System in the Construction of Public Roads (No. 2234);

- On Critical Infrastructure (No. 5219). The law provides for the creation of a state system for critical infrastructure protection, introduces common approaches to the organization of system facilities management at the state and local levels, determines the principles of interaction between state bodies and business entities, society and citizens involved in critical infrastructure protection;

- On administrative procedure (No. 3475). The purpose of the Law is to ensure an effective and high-quality level of legislative regulation of procedures of external management activities of executive authorities and local governments, their officials and other entities authorized by law to exercise governmental management functions, and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities in relations with the state;

- On Amendments to the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses to Establish Responsibility for the Sale (Release) of Medicines to Minors (No. 5123-1);

- On Multimodal Transportation. The law regulates the organizational and legal bases of multimodal cargo transportation in Ukraine, as well as state support for such transportation (No. 4258);

- On Amendments to the Administrative and Criminal Legislation Concerning the Implementation of activities of the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine (No. 3959-1);

- On amendments to the Law of Ukraine ‘On Postal Services’ (No. 3821). The purpose of the Law is the legislative definition of the terms ‘courier service’ and ‘departmental courier service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine’, as well as clarification of the components of the postal service of Ukraine in the provision of special postal services and courier communication;

- On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine Concerning Clarification of the Procedure for Access of Notaries to the Unified State Demographic Register (No. 3989);

- On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine ‘On Prevention of Corruption’ to Extend the Operation of the Law to Members of the Board of the Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine, the Fund of Compulsory State Social Insurance of Ukraine in Case of Unemployment, Pension Fund, Pension Fund Supervisory Board and Relevant Officials (No. 5881-1);

- On Amendments to Article 39 of the Law of Ukraine ‘On Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases’ on Settlement of Social Protection of Coronavirus Victims (COVID-19) of Medical Workers of Health Care Institutions of All Forms of Ownership (No. 6192);

- On Amendments to the Law "On the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine" on Improving the Procedure for Using and Applying Coercive Measures, Military Equipment and Armament by the Personnel of the State Border Guard Service (No. 5232);

- On the Prevention of Occurrence and Spread of the COVID-19 pandemic (No. 6293). The purpose of the Law is to cover the critical need of independent oxygen sources, namely - oxygen stations;

- On Amendments to Article 128 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine Concerning the Peculiarities of Acquisition of the Status of a Civil Plaintiff by the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Individuals (No. 4547). The Law proposes to amend Article 128 of the Criminal Procedure Code in terms of introducing rules that will allow the Fund to file civil lawsuits in the interests of creditors of the insolvent bank, or a bank in respect of which a decision was made to liquidate on the grounds specified in Article 77 of the Law of Ukraine "On Banks and Banking".

- On Public Electronic Registers (No. 2110).The purpose of the Law is to create a single interoperable system of public electronic registers, to define a unified institutional structure of public electronic registers and uniform requirements for their creation, maintenance, interaction, administration, modernization, reorganization and liquidation;

- On Ratification of the Framework Military Agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the Republic of Turkey (No. 0119);

- On Insurance (No. 5315). The purpose of the Law is to determine the general legal framework for #insurance activities, to provide intermediary services and to strengthen the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of clients.


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