For the said period the Parliament adopted in entirety 20 Bills, 7 of them came into force. The Parliament also passed 220 Resolutions appertaining to the extraordinary election of village, settlement, town mayors, issues concerning administrative-territorial division of Ukraine and regulation of social and political matters. The Committee held 2 Committee hearings and 41 meeting where 241 issues were discussed. 

The following Laws were adopted: "On the State register of Electors", "On Amendments to the Laws "On the Local Self-Government in Ukraine", "On Election of the People´s Deputies of Ukraine" and several other Legislative Acts of Ukraine (re Procedure of holding Extraordinary Election to The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and Substitution of the People´s Deputies of Ukraine whose Authority was early terminated)". The said Laws came into force and improved the election legislation.

During the Second-Third Sessions the Committee held 8 "round tables", 5 conferences, 6 seminars. Inter alia, with support of international public associations, the Committee prepared and held the Seminar on Implementation of the European Charter of Local Self-Government and Ukraine´s Fulfillment of its Commitments as a Member State of the Council of Europe in the Field of Local and Regional Development.

The Committee also considered 1879 appeals from business entities and natural persons.

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