Today is the Independence Day of Ukraine!

Independence, which we are fighting for and which the enemy has not been able to accept for years!

The independence that we defend!

Independence that we will not give away to anyone!

A year and a half ago, having started a full-scale war, russia sought to conquer us. To break us. To destroy.

The world saw the true face of terrorism. But it also saw the true strength of a free and independent nation. Ukrainians who stood up to defend their country.

We know what pain is, what loss is, what grief is. But we also know what heroism and selflessness are.

We know what grief is. One for everyone, for the whole country, when our soldiers give their lives and when civilians die.

We know what joy is. It is also the same for the whole country when blue and yellow returns to our cities and towns.

We know what true unity is. The one that first united us, and now the whole world is around us.

And today, despite the full-scale war, we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Independence with the realisation that we are fighting for the right to live in a free country.

And we will continue to fight. For the future.

In a free, sovereign and independent Ukraine.

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