The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk held a working meeting with the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Spain Pedro Sanchez.

The parties discussed Ukraine’s path to the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

First of all, the Speaker of the Parliament of Ukraine congratulated Spain on the beginning of its presidency in the Council of the European Union.

“Ukraine has consistently demonstrated progress in implementing the recommendations of the European Commission,” said Ruslan Stefanchuk, adding that he hopes that the unity of the EU member states and the support of Spain will allow us to make an important decision – to start negotiations on Ukraine’s membership in the EU this year.

In addition, he noted that the second strategic issue for Ukraine is its path to NATO. “We are aware that Ukraine cannot become a member of the Alliance during a full-scale war. But at the Summit in Vilnius, we want to get a clear map with an understanding of the timeframe and conditions for full membership,” the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine stressed.

For his part, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Spain noted that cooperation between Ukraine and Spain has three dimensions: bilateral relations, the European dimension for EU member states and the Euro-Atlantic dimension. He also stressed that Ukraine had already made great strides in implementing two of the seven recommendations of the European Commission.

“The summit in Vilnius will be very important because we will talk about the implementation of the roadmap. The main thing is that what we will do will help global security,” Pedro Sanchez stressed.

In conclusion, Ruslan Stefanchuk expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, for his support of both Ukraine’s European integration and Euro-Atlantic future, as well as his readiness to support Ukraine for as long as it is needed: “This support is much more than financial, humanitarian or military support. It is support in Ukraine’s struggle for the values for which Ukrainians are laying down their lives today.”

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