The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk reported on the results of the plenary session.

Adopted as a whole:

9165 – amended the Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2023”. The law concerns regional investment programmes. After the law comes into force, every citizen will be able to vote for one regional investment programme at their place of residence through the Diia app. In addition, citizens will be able to submit their regional development programmes to an open vote.

8287 – introduced an e-stamp for alcohol and tobacco products and liquids used in e-cigarettes. The e-stamp will make it possible to track the movement of alcohol and cigarettes from the importer to the end consumer, to control the completeness and timeliness of excise tax payments for such goods.

9272 – regulated the issue of data verification between the electronic healthcare system and other state registers: The Unified State Demographic Register, the State Register of Civil Status Acts and the State Register of Individuals.

8187 – improved the procedure for managing defence resources, taking into account the experience of NATO and EU member states. The law, in particular, provides a clear definition of “defence resources” and defines the powers of entities that manage defence resources.

Adopted as a basis:

9111 – proposed to simplify the procedure for importation, accounting and distribution of humanitarian aid. In particular, the procedure for accounting and reporting on the receipt and distribution of humanitarian aid under martial law by cancelling mandatory monthly reporting until the possibility of submitting relevant documents in electronic form through the automated humanitarian aid registration system is introduced.

Ratification issues:

0207 – ratified the Agreement between Ukraine and the EU on participation in the EU’s Single Market programme.

0198 – ratified the Agreement between Ukraine and the EU on Ukraine’s participation in the Customs. EU programme for cooperation in the customs area.

0203 – ratified the Agreement between Ukraine and the EU on Ukraine’s participation in the EU’s Fiscalis programme for cooperation in the field of customs.

0205 – withdrew from the Agreement on the formation of the Common Economic Space with the russian federation, the republic of belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The withdrawal was caused by russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine and Belarus’ support for armed aggression, and thus a violation of the agreement.

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