«We are already used to Russian propaganda. They have their own reality and "Russian world" in their heads.» Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk reacted to the statement of the human rights organization Amnesty International on his Facebook page.

«That’s what propaganda is for.» Ruslan Stefanchuk noted.

At the same time, he emphasized that the truth looks different.

«And no one should ever forget the main thing. It was Russia that attacked Ukraine. It is Russia that tortures and kills, fires at residential areas, fight with bus stops, and commits genocide against the Ukrainian people. It is Russia as a terrorist state that violates all known and unknown norms of international humanitarian law.» The Chairmen of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine stressed.

At the same time,  Ruslan Stefanchuk emphasized, that Ukraine is defending itself.«It is the Ukrainian People who resist the aggressor.» he noted.

«These Ukrainian Warriors are courageously and selflessly defending their land and their people, as well as the entire civilized world, for the sixth month.» Ruslan Stefanchuk wrote.

«And this should not be confused... especially by human rights organizations.» The Chairmen of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine stressed.
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