Ukraine has already signed 20 security agreements. All these documents are a kind of bridge that helps Ukraine move towards NATO and the European Union, while these agreements confirm the readiness of partners to provide long-term support to our country on an ongoing basis.

This was stated by Arsenii Pushkarenko, the MP, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Policy and Interparliamentary Cooperation.

"The whole process of signing security agreements was launched a year ago in Vilnius during the NATO summit. The documents are concluded for a period of 10 years, which gives us the opportunity to receive military, financial, economic support, as well as assistance in reforms and reconstruction tomorrow, and after the war until we join the EU and NATO. On the one hand, security agreements are a kind of bridge to European and Euro-Atlantic integration, and on the other hand, they completely destroy putin's thesis that someone is tired of Ukraine," the politician said. 

He also added that security agreements are a clear signal to investors that Ukraine is here to stay.

"Any security agreement is a signal to business that partners believe in Ukraine, that it will not be abandoned and that Ukraine will exist. We need a just and sustainable peace, as well as investments that will help us restore the economy and, accordingly, fully revive Ukraine," the MP said.

In his opinion, the security agreement with the European Union is an unprecedented document, as the EU is an economic and political entity.

"This document does not enshrine support for our aspiration to join NATO, as not all EU member states are members of the Alliance. However, all EU countries have agreed in writing to this agreement and have determined financial support for Ukraine. In addition, it was emphasised that Ukraine should be a member of the European Union. In general, we welcome any agreement that is signed with our country and allows us to receive real support, including military, financial and political," the MP said.


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