Members of the Bureau of the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee adopted the joint Statement on the 'Nord Stream-2'.
The joint Statement refers, in particular, to the consequences of the probable completion of the construction of the gas pipeline, which "will threaten the national security of the EU, the US and threaten the already unstable security and sovereignty of Ukraine" and "will have serious consequences in the field of regional security", and "may undermine the development of a single, liberalized and open European market by consolidating sources of supply in the 'Nord Stream 2' system and restraining investment in alternative energy sources".
The members of the Bureau call on the EU to reconsider cooperation with Russia on various foreign policy platforms in order to immediately and unconditionally stop the construction of the 'Nord Stream-2' gas pipeline.
In addition, during the sitting, MPs of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and members of the European Parliament, members of the Bureau, discussed the current security situation, implementation and renewal of the Association Agreement, as well as future activities within the Parliamentary Association Committee between Ukraine and the EU.
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