The Committee on Anti-Corruption Policy heard the presentation by the Head of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) Oleksandr Novikov on the annual national Report on the implementation of the principles of anti-corruption policy in 2020.
Oleksandr Novikov noted that the national report contains statistics and information provided by the authorities, a detailed analysis of the main challenges in the fight against corruption over the past year.
He noted that last year Ukraine rose to nine positions in the world ranking of corruption reduction, adding three points.
Oleksandr Novikov stressed that Ukraine is one of the leaders in anti-corruption activities: we have formed a complete system of necessary bodies, which is evidence of the full implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption; formed a system of IT tools to prevent corruption, some of which are unique in the world.
Oleksandr Novikov also informed the members of the Committee about the results of the fight against corruption in 2020.
At the same time, the NAPC Chairperson recalled the decision of the Constitutional Court, which "to some extent canceled all achievements."
Oleksandr Novikov focused on the problematic issues that need to be addressed to ensure the inevitability of punishment for corrupt practices as the main safeguard against such crimes.
In particular, in his opinion, in order to achieve better results next year, the Parliament should approve the Anti-Corruption Strategy in the near future.
During the the meeting, the Committee also considered draft laws for compliance with anti-corruption legislation.
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