The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will try to adopt the law on de-oligarchization by the end of the current session. Such hopes were expressed by First Deputy Chairperson of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk during the Forum "Ukraine 30. Economy without Oligarchs".
"We will make every effort to adopt this bill at least in the first reading. And if we succeed, and it is not spoiled by a large number of amendments, we will try to approve it before the end of this session," Ruslan Stefanchuk stressed.
He also stressed that the draft law on de-oligarchization registered in the Parliament of Ukraine is the first.
According to the First Deputy Chairperson of the Parliament of Ukraine, the strength of this bill is that it is directed not only against the oligarchs, but also against their entourage - people who created comfortable living conditions for the oligarchs: provided solutions to the necessary issues for the oligarchs on the legislative, executive and judicial levels.
"Given the existence of this problem, we offer effective mechanisms to solve it. First of all - ensuring openness. If you have contacts with the oligarch, you must make public the fact of the contact, inform about the content of the negotiations, etc. If you get into the register of oligarchs, you also have a number of restrictions: to submit an annual declaration, to have restrictions in political and media activities," Ruslan Stefanchuk stressed. The politician added that the bill on de-oligarchization "encourages people to stop being oligarchs. Further changes will be developed related to antitrust law, banning influence on the media, political parties, lobbying, advocacy, etc."
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