Adopted as a basis the draft Law No. 5158 "On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on Improving the Selection and Training of Prosecutors".
The draft law is aimed at introducing an effective mechanism for the selection of prosecutors in Ukraine, increasing the availability and prestige of the prosecutor's profession, attracting the most trained and honest staff.
The draft law proposes to amend the Laws of Ukraine “On the Prosecutor's Office” and “On Prevention of Corruption”, which:
- to exclude the requirement for candidates for the position of prosecutor to have two years of experience in the field of law;
- to provide the opportunity to obtain directly in the Prosecutor's Office the necessary experience in the field of law as a condition for appointment to the position of prosecutor of the district Prosecutor's Office;
- to establish two stages of special training;
- to reduce the period of special training;
- to unify the legislative mechanism of special inspection of prosecutors with the corresponding mechanism of judges, while eliminating the need to conduct such an inspection during the selection twice;
- to determine the Qualification and Disciplinary Commission of Prosecutors as the body carrying out disciplinary proceedings in the context of the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On the Prosecutor's Office”.
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