Adopted as a basis the draft law No. 3508-d "On Measures to Overcome Crisis Situations and Ensure Financial Stability in the Natural Gas Market".
The draft law proposes to define organizational and economic measures aimed at overcoming the crisis and ensuring financial stability in the natural gas market and applies to relations for the settlement of debts for consumed natural gas, its distribution and transportation services.
The draft Law envisages establishing the procedure for participation of natural gas market entities in the procedure for settling debts for natural gas and services for its transportation, as well as establishing at the legislative level ways and mechanisms for settling such debts:
- mutual settlements with the involvement of the state budget;
 - restructuring of the outstanding debt on the terms specified by the law;
- write-off of fines, penalties and financial sanctions accrued on debts that are subject to settlement in accordance with the law, provided that the body of the debt is repaid.
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