The Committee on Ukraine’s Integration into the European Union supported the draft law on Improving State Regulation in the Field of Pesticides and Agrochemicals No. 4558.
The bill proposes:
- clearly delineate and balance the powers of public authorities in the areas related to pesticides and agrochemicals;
- to settle the issue of maintaining an open State Register of pesticides and agrochemicals approved for use in Ukraine;
- bring the terminology of laws in line with EU law;
- bring the requirements for the content of the label and the labeling of pesticides and agrochemicals in line with EU legislation;
- establish requirements for the packaging and labeling of pesticides and agrochemicals in such a way as to minimize the likelihood that they will be confused with food, drink, medicine or feed;
- to abolish the norms on special raw material zones intended for growing products for baby and dietary food;
- abolish the rules on compulsory insurance of economic activity in the field of storage and use of pesticides and agrochemicals;
- bring in line with WTO requirements the grounds for a total or partial ban on the use of pesticides and agrochemicals;
- to ensure transparency of the procedure of state testing of pesticides and agrochemicals;
- to specify the list of the bases which existence allows to let out pesticides and agrochemicals in free circulation in the customs territory of Ukraine;
- to strengthen the role of the Ministry of Environment in the issue of state registration of pesticides and agrochemicals;
- establish that falsified pesticides and agrochemicals are subject to seizure, disposal and destruction;
- to give state inspectors the right to make decisions on banning the import and trade of pesticides and agrochemicals that have been found to be falsified, etc.
According to the Committee, the draft law No. 4558 complies with Ukraine’s international legal obligations under the Association Agreement in terms of compliance with sanitary and phytosanitary measures, but needs to be finalized in order to bring it into line with the Directive 2004/35/EU.
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