On January 13, the Committee on Digital Transformation began a public discussion of the draft law on critical infrastructure, developed by the working group chaired by MP Oleksandr Fediienko.
The bill should become a component of Ukrainian legislation in the field of national security. Its adoption will create a state system of critical infrastructure protection, introduce common approaches to the organization of management of system facilities, determine the principles of interaction between state bodies and business entities, society and citizens involved in the protection of critical infrastructure.
The bill, in particular, defines:
- key terms - such as "critical infrastructure security", "vital functions", "critical infrastructure protection" and many others;
- principles and purpose of state policy in the field of critical infrastructure protection;
- basic principles of functioning of the national system of critical infrastructure protection and levels of its management;
- criteria for classifying facilities as critical infrastructure;
- vital functions, the violation of which leads to negative consequences for the national security of Ukraine;
- planning of measures that will ensure the sustainability and protection of critical infrastructure facilities, as well as monitoring the level of security of these facilities.
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