Committee on Ukraine's Integration into the European Union is working on the draft Law No. 3006 “On Amendments to Article 40 of the Law of Ukraine ‘On Road Transport’ (on the prohibition of acoustic violence)”
The purpose of the act is to protect human rights, improve the quality and safety of transport services by banning acoustic violence in transport.
The bill proposes to amend Article 40 of the Law of Ukraine “On Road Transport”, aimed at protecting passengers from acoustic violence. In particular, it is forbidden to broadcast music, sound of movies or other sound signals in the cabins of regular buses, except for information about the trip (sound can be transmitted to individual headphones of passengers).
In a taxi or during irregular bus transportation, such broadcasting is allowed with the consent of all passengers.
The introduction of the bill is due to the need to protect passengers of public transport from acoustic violence - the broadcast of obsessive sounds against the will of the listener.
The practice of broadcasting loud sounds – music, movies, radio programs, etc. – in public transport salons has become widespread and creates discomfort for many passengers. This problem is especially acute on road passenger transport of all types. This situation is unacceptable and violates people's natural right to their own private space and silence.
The draft law instructs all executive bodies to amend the rules of transportation on all types of passenger transport to protect passengers from acoustic violence.
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