Taking into account the traditions of fruitful cooperation and partnership with international organizations, the Committee asked the Directorate General of Democracy (DG II) of the Council of Europe to provide expert support in preparing the draft Law of Ukraine No. 4254 “On Public Consultations.”
The draft law proposes to define the principles of public consultations; to regulate the rights and obligations of the parties related to public consultations; to provide for the functioning of the web portal of public consultations; to identify the features of electronic consultations, consultations in the form of public discussion and targeted consultations; to establish the terms of public consultations, the procedure for submitting proposals during electronic and public consultations and preparation of a report on the results of their conduct, monitoring and coordination of the process of public consultations, etc.
The Committee requested the Council of Europe, within the framework of the Decentralization and Public Administration Reform in Ukraine Program, to consider supporting the Committee's working group (if established) and involving Council of Europe experts in working meetings to discuss and prepare the draft Law of Ukraine No. 4254 “On Public Consultations.”
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