There are ||| bodies in focus of our committee scan today:


  • Committee on Finance, Taxation and Customs Policy

The body examined the bill No.3361 on first moves in business deregulation through liability insurance. The bill aims to strengthen guarantees for amends to victims in cases that business entities violated laws in force on compliance with the rules of man-made and fire safety. The bill is thought to cover the following measures:

-      to arrange the man-made and fire safety inspection procedure for business entities;

-      to lower admin pressure upon business entities through the cancel of mandatory inspection check-ups provided there is presented a third-party liability insurance policy to cover any damage from exploiting ‘higher-risk’ facilities;

-      to provide guarantees for recovery of damages to life, health, property of third party and the environment resulted from harmful events and accidents that took place on territories, non-movable assets and/or ‘higher-risk’ facilities operating of which might entail emergencies of ecological and epidemic nature;

-      to improve the coordination between relevant regulatory bodies, business entities and institutions providing financial services;

-      to streamline the procedure for legal, organizational and financial responding to consequences of events that occurred as a result of man-made accidents and fire situations;

-      to harmonize UA law with the legislation of the European Union in the field of security of higher-risk facilities.

Following the debate, the committee’s decision was to recommend that the parliament take the bill on the first reading.


  • Committee on Economic Development

At its last sitting, the committee viewed the following bills:

Bill No.2426 “On amendments to certain legislative acts (as to uncovering the gray market of metallurgical raw materials and scrap metal operations)”. The bill aims to change laws in force to make it much easier to run business in this field. The committee decided to recommend that the Verkhovna Rada take the bill No.2426 on the second reading with some minor edits suggested.

Bill No.2234 “On amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine as to the accountability for framing the pricing system for construction of public motor roads”. Asked so by the draftsmen, the committee decided to recommend the parliament to send the bill for redrafting.

Bills Nos.2831-1, 2831-2: “On the list of state property exempt from privatization” (No.2831-1) and “On the renewal of the Law of Ukraine ‘On the list of state property exempt from privatization’” (No.2831-2). It was noted that both of the bills seem to be inappropriate as the said list is to be, by law, submitted by the ministers, and not by MPs. The bills were advised for rejection then.   

Bill No.3350 “On amendments to the Law of Ukraine ‘On debt reorganization of the State Enterprise ‘Antonov’ (as to creating the factors for providing the High Anti-Corruption Court with office facilities)”. The bill was advised for inclusion in the VRU’s agenda and taking on the first reading with some minor edits suggested.

Bill No.3031 “On amendments to the Law of Ukraine ‘On privatization of state-owned housing stock’ to enable privatization of community-owned housing stock”. The bill was advised for inclusion in the VRU’s agenda and taking on the first reading.


  • Committee on Energy, Housing and Utilities Services

Two line subcommittees of the committee considered at their recent extended joint sitting the issue of producing the legislative basis for building up and maintaining of minimum (strategic) stocks of crude oil and/or petroleum products. At the meeting, it was also underlined that Ukraine still needs to fulfill its obligations under the Energy Community Treaty to bring its oil-provisioning regulatory framework in line with requirements of the Council Directive 2009/119/EC. The hot discussion has finally resulted in a suggestion of setting up an ad hoc working group in charge of drafting the relevant bill.


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