In the framework of the Summit “The Role of Poland, the Baltic States and Ukraine in Strengthening Security in Europe”, the heads of the parliaments of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine adopted a joint declaration on deepening parliamentary cooperation in the security sector in light of the further escalation of russia's war of aggression against Ukraine.

According to the document, the speakers of the parliaments of Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine, recognising the ongoing threat posed by russia's war of aggression to the regional, European, transatlantic, and global order, are determined to strengthen the role of Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in contributing to the security of Central and Eastern Europe and in supporting Ukraine.

The signatories honour the courage and heroism of all Ukrainian citizens, members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in particular those who gave their lives in the struggle for the freedom of Ukraine, as well as those who continue to fight against russian armed aggression.

They also condemn the kremlin's hybrid actions, cyberattacks and disinformation, which contravene the UN Charter and are directed against the international system based on the rule of law and democratic values.

In addition, the parties agree that sanctions against the russian federation are insufficient to stop putin's war machine, and that they must be strengthened and their circumvention must be effectively countered.

The parliamentary leaders believe that a precondition for sustainable peace in Europe is to secure Ukraine’s place in Euro-Atlantic structures and expect that the July NATO summit in Washington will help determine the irreversibility of Ukraine’s path to membership.

They also pledge to continue working on bilateral security cooperation agreements and their implementation within the framework of the G7 Declaration, and consider a commitment to sustainable long-term military assistance to Ukraine a priority.

The leaders of the parliaments of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Ukraine welcomed the readiness of some countries to join the international coalition and send instructors to Ukraine at their convenience to train the Ukrainian military. After all, a significant deterioration of the situation, which would threaten Ukrainian statehood, would require more decisive action from the pro-Ukrainian coalition.

At the same time, they expressed support for the President Zelenskyi’s Peace Formula: “The leaders of our countries have expressed their readiness to participate in the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland, and we call on all states that respect the principles and purposes of the UN Charter to join our countries.”

Finally, they agreed that negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union are a strategic goal for Ukraine and the European Union – and therefore the First Intergovernmental Conference to open accession negotiations with Ukraine should take place no later than June 2024. Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania support Ukraine and are ready to share their experience of 20 years of membership in the European Union.


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