Despite air raid alerts and enemy attacks.

In classrooms and bomb shelters.

On-site learning and distance learning.

But our children continue to learn.

They know what war is not from history textbooks. They also know the history of Ukrainian statehood. And they know how it is being fought for today.

They know what real heroism is. And what love for Ukraine is.

Today, a new school year begins in our country. Thousands of first-graders will sit down at their school desks for the first time, and thousands will be students for the final year. Some will continue to study at their home schools and universities, others will study in completely new classrooms and auditoriums. Some with friends, some with strangers.

But, despite all the challenges, it is important not to lose the thirst for knowledge. To learn new things. To discover new things. And even when lessons and lectures are in shelters.

After all, a new generation is being formed right now, and our children are the future of our country.

This right to live and study in a free country is being fought for today by the Defenders.

So that each of those who are holding a book, notebook, pencil, pen, compass, protractor and tablet today can get a quality education.

An education that will light up the future and bring glory to our Ukraine.

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