Today, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted a number of important decisions, in particular:

9554 – appealed to the parliaments and governments of democratic countries, the International Olympic Committee, international sports federations to condemn the illegal disqualification by the International Fencing Federation of Ukrainian fencer, Olympic champion, six-time world champion, eight-time European champion Olha Kharlan;

9409 – appealed to the leaders and parliaments of foreign countries to restrict the entry of russian and belarusian athletes and sports delegations to their territory.


6529 – amended the Tax Code of Ukraine, expanded the list of sanctions that the National Security and Defence Council may impose as urgent measures to resolve crisis situations that threaten the national security of the state;

6576 – regulated the civil law relations between the contractor and the consumer of digital services. In particular, they ensured proper terms and conditions of contracts for the provision of digital services in the interests of the consumer;

9315 – prohibited the placement and sale of tobacco products manufactured in Ukraine in duty-free shops, as well as the sale of more than two packs of tobacco products in one receipt during martial law. In this way, schemes of VAT and excise tax evasion were destroyed.


9587-d – proposed to regulate issues related to violation of the procedure for submitting declarations and bringing officials to justice for committing corruption and corruption-related offences;

9314-d – proposed to amend the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine and regulate the pre-trial investigation of criminal proceedings and its timing under martial law before a person is notified of suspicion, in particular, in relation to war crimes.

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