The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk summed up the results of the plenary session on 14 July, during which a number of important legislative acts were adopted, in particular:


9489 – early termination of the powers of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine T. Plachkova;

9491 – the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine appealed to the President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili and the parliaments of the EU member states on the need to implement a humanitarian act and pardon the third President of Georgia, a citizen of Ukraine Mikheil Saakashvili.

9408 – recommended that the NSDC decide to impose personal sanctions on certain representatives of sports organisations of the russian federation and belarus and ensure that the competent authorities of the EU, the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and other states are informed in order to consider imposing similar restrictive measures on these individuals.


5125 – introduced a new model for regulating credit unions in Ukraine, in line with EU directives. In particular, the law defines the legal status, procedure for the establishment, operation and termination of credit unions and their associations, the basic principles of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of credit union members, as well as the procedure for state regulation and supervision of their activities.

9431 – amended Article 73 of the Labour Code of Ukraine. Three holidays were postponed: 15 July will be the Day of Ukrainian Statehood, 1 October will be the Day of Defenders of Ukraine, and 25 December will be Christmas.

9354 – established a park-monument of landscape art of national importance “Mezhyhirya” in Vyshgorod district of Kyiv region and created a special administration of the park-monument under the management of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine.


9274 – proposed to amend the legislative acts of Ukraine and clarify the powers of civil protection entities. In particular, it was proposed to stipulate that employees of the State Emergency Service are not subject to military service during mobilisation.

9287/9288 – proposed to amend the current legislation and improve the legal regulation of the protection of heirs’ rights in martial law or a state of emergency. In particular, they proposed to provide for a legal mechanism for regulating legal relations regarding the place of opening an inheritance, the terms of acceptance of an inheritance in the temporarily occupied territories or in the territories where hostilities are taking place. In addition, it was proposed to provide for a legal mechanism for processing inheritance cases during the period of martial law or a state of emergency in Ukraine.

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