The Chairman of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk had a conversation with the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the USA Congress Nancy Pelosi. He expressed gratitude for continuous support by the representatives of two major parties in both chambers of the Congress as well as by the USA President Joe Biden’s Administration.

During the conversation, Chairman Stefanchuk informed Nancy Pelosi about current situation in Ukraine. He also turned to her with the following requests:
1. To join efforts with other NATO member states for creating a no fly zone over Ukraine;
2. To supply additional combat means for fighting with the enemy. In particular, he mentioned the necessity to provide Ukrainian Armed Forces with aircraft fighters F-15, MIG and Su;
3. To pay attention to supplying Ukraine with the means of air, anti-tank and anti-warship defense, unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as “Stingers” and “Javelins”;
4. To stay adamant in the issue of strengthening sanctions’ pressure on Russian Federation;

Nancy Pelosi promised to help Ukraine. She informed that decisions as to imposing embargo on Russian energy carriers will be considered and taken today. The question of considerable financial support to Ukraine will be resolved as well.
Speaker Pelosi expressed her fascination with the Ukrainian people and our fighters.
She thanked Ukraine for safeguarding democracy in the whole world.
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