Despite the fact that Ukraine is in a state of war, despite the full-scale offensive of the Russian aggressor on our land, the Verkhovna Rada continues to work and perform its functions. This was stated by First Deputy Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Kornienko.

"Yes, for cooperation with the aggressor state, its occupation administration, armed or paramilitary formations in the military, political, informational, administrative, economic or labor spheres, access to public positions and positions in local self-government bodies is limited for 15 years." , - the first vice-speaker of the Ukrainian parliament explained.

Also, collaborators will not be able to be members of election commissions, official observers, authorized representatives of the candidate for President of Ukraine in the Central Election Commission, proxies of the candidate for President of Ukraine, candidates in local elections, etc. Punishment will be inevitable for those who are currently in custody, as well as for those who have committed certain crimes (sabotage, espionage, terrorist acts, etc.) already under martial law (№ 7118).

Also important were decisions on the possibility of obtaining firearms by citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons who are legally on the territory of our country and want to protect it (№ 7120), nationalization of Russian assets in Ukraine and directly or through affiliates persons belong to the Russian Federation or its residents (№ 7122).

"Yes, during the martial law, individuals, sole proprietors and legal entities will be able to postpone reporting - tax, financial, accounting, settlement or audit. There will also be no checks on the timeliness and completeness of reporting, liability for non-payment of taxes will be abolished, tax audits will not begin, military assistance will not be taxed without prior or subsequent reimbursement of their value; licenses for the production of excisable products continue to be valid. At the same time, paying taxes, especially during the war, is mandatory, "said Oleksandr Kornienko.

Ukrainian parliamentarians also passed laws №№ 5101 5102 on combating misinformation.

"As a result, after a court decision, religious organizations, political parties and public organizations that promote war or justify the actions of the aggressor country may be shut down," the first vice-speaker said.
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