Ruslan Stefanchuk became the Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The 261 MPs voted for this decision. The Speaker of the Parliament of Ukraine thanked the People's Deputies of Ukraine for their trust and support.

“We have a unique chance to prove through our work that the Parliament is a place of urgent decisions for the people and the state. I will try to justify your trust. Thanks also to those who did not support my candidacy. This is a guide for me on how to become better. There is still a lot of work and unfulfilled tasks ahead, so we must immediately start working together and go our own way with dignity,” Ruslan Stefanchuk stressed.

The Speaker of the Parliament noted that in two years he had personally made every effort to improve the quality of legislation.

“Creating quality legislation is the main task of the Parliament of Ukraine. I am extremely pleased to have been personally involved in those initiatives that can become the foundation for further improvement of legislation today. These are bills on the referendum, on law-making activities, on criminal liability for button-making, on de-Sovietization of legislation, on recodification of civil legislation…,” he said.

Ruslan Stefanchuk also reminded that, according to public organizations, he continues to be one of the people's deputies who has not submitted a single bill with corruption risks.

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