“We are grateful for Canada's political, military, financial, humanitarian and diplomatic support and firm position to support Ukraine as long as it takes for our common victory over the aggressor,” said the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk.

The parties discussed a number of issues, with particular attention paid to the security situation. Ruslan Stefanchuk stressed the importance of the Security Cooperation Agreement between Ukraine and Canada.

He also emphasised the continuation of further support from the partners. “The situation on the battlefield is difficult, Ukrainian cities need additional protection, first of all, additional air defence systems,” said the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament.

The interlocutors also touched upon the implementation of the President Volodymyr Zelenskyi's Peace Formula. The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine expressed his gratitude for the practical work of Canada as a co-chair of the subgroup working on paragraph 4, “Release of prisoners of war and deportees”, in terms of the return of deported children.

The parties also touched upon the issue of interparliamentary cooperation and discussed Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration.

In particular, Ruslan Stefanchuk stressed that NATO membership remains a strategic goal of Ukraine, and Ukraine is looking forward to making important political and practical decisions at the upcoming NATO Summit in Washington.

“I hope that Canada will continue to actively support Ukraine in order to achieve the necessary consensus among the Allies,” the Speaker of the Parliament of Ukraine said at the end of the meeting.



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