During the meeting, the parties raised many issues, primarily focusing on the role and place of the Council of Europe in the modern European political architecture.

At the same time, considerable attention was paid to russia's missile terror and all the crimes committed by the aggressor on Ukrainian soil. “Despite the expulsion of the terrorist state from the Council of Europe, the voice of the organisation should be heard loudly, condemning every criminal step of the aggressor,” the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine expressed his conviction.

Ruslan Stefanchuk emphasised that the Council of Europe is an international organisation that responded to the full-scale russian invasion in 2022 by expelling the aggressor state from its membership.

He also noted the Council of Europe's support and expertise in improving Ukrainian legislation in line with the best European standards. Ruslan Stefanchuk noted that this work is ongoing.

Finally, the parties paid special attention to the development of a compensation mechanism for damages caused to Ukraine and the confiscation of russian assets in foreign countries.

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