On Wednesday, 7 February, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine held a plenary session. The Ukrainian Parliament adopted a number of decisions, including:

Supported the Resolution on dismissal of Yurii Buhlak from the position of a member of the Central Election Commission;

Supported the Resolution on the resignation of the Minister of Veterans' Affairs of Ukraine Yuliia Laputina.

Adopted as a whole:

No. 10343 – adopted the Law on the organisation of an appropriate level of medical support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It allows for the implementation of NATO standards in the medical support of the Armed Forces. The document expands the powers of the Ministry of Defence, in particular, in terms of approving clinical protocols, logistics sheets and standards for the provision of first aid and medical care during hostilities and during the training of the Security and Defence Forces.

No. 10448 – amended certain legislative acts of Ukraine regarding the preservation of the gene pool of the Ukrainian people. The document regulates the issue of postmortem reproduction, i.e. the birth of a child, in the event of a military death. The draft law allows for the storage and use of reproductive cells of deceased servicemen for the birth of children.

 Adopted as a basis:

No. 10449 – proposed to amend certain legislative acts of Ukraine on certain issues of military service, mobilisation and military registration.

No. 10454 – proposed amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Defence Procurement” to improve the legal regulation of pricing in defence procurement during the martial law regime. The document aims to solve the problem of profit accrual for all enterprises that have been fulfilling state defence orders since the beginning of martial law.

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