The First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Korniienko joined the expert discussion on voting rights in the context of transitional justice.

In his speech, the First Deputy Speaker focused on the challenges facing Ukrainian democracy.

"This meeting is a working process and a professional conversation about finding ways to resolve post-war issues, in particular, in terms of elections. We do not have any relevant experience and must proceed from the circumstances," he stressed.

In addition, Oleksandr Korniienko noted that a number of problems need to be discussed and resolved: the implementation of active and passive suffrage, access to elections for all categories of the population, and the organisation of the process from a technical and security perspective.

"We are talking about post-war elections, not tomorrow or in a month. We will face many challenges, and the earlier we start preparing for them, the earlier we will be able to respond," the First Vice Speaker stressed.

At the same time, he called for putting aside any political slogans and instead talking and looking for solutions to all situations that Ukraine will face.



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