Day of Defenders of Ukraine! 

Those we are proud of!

Who we admire!

To whom we are grateful!

We are infinitely grateful for the perseverance!

For strength!

For courage!


With great respect, I would like to congratulate our defenders, each and every one of them, who are defending the Ukrainian land at great cost and driving the enemy away with all their might.

I thank you for every liberated city! For the joy of seeing the Ukrainian Flag return to our localities!

For the fact that the whole world and every Ukrainian family says: "Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!"

We have the best army in the world! The one that has proven to everyone what courage is and what struggle is!

The price of victory, which our defenders bring closer every day, is extremely high!

The names of the heroes and heroines who gave their lives defending Ukraine will forever be in our history and our hearts!

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