The Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Olena Kondratiuk paid tribute to the defenders of Ukraine at the Wall of Remembrance on Mykhailivska Square in Kyiv.

She noted that today many Kyiv residents, together with their children, bring flowers, candles and photos to the Wall of Memory on Mykhailivska Square, remembering the fallen defenders of Ukraine — their husbands, wives, parents, relatives and friends.

"We must always remember the heavy price of every meter of Ukrainian land liberated from the occupiers, every de-occupied village and city, which was paid for with the lives and blood of the best and bravest people of the country. Eternal honor and memory to all those who gave their lives for the freedom, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine," said the Vice Speaker Olena Kondratiuk.

Representatives of parliamentary factions, heads of committees and representatives of the Verkhovna Rada Apparatus also took part in the ceremony of laying flowers to the Wall of Memory.

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