Oleksandr Korniyenko, The First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, took part in the XV Richelieu Forum of Public Service 2023 "Institutional sustainability of the public service in conditions of war".

"Public administration reform is primarily about people. And this is a very serious issue and challenges at the same time," the First Deputy Chairman emphasized, adding that in the context of a full-scale invasion, when the country is fighting, resilience and institutional capacity are one of the factors of victory and growth. He noted that it is necessary to continue this reform, given the new circumstances.

"As one of the consistent supporters of the remuneration reform, I welcome the revolutionary step of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to propose implementing a new system in the budget for 2024," emphasized Oleksandr Korniyenko.

At the same time, he noted that in the long term, this will provide a very serious basis for the formation of high-quality public governance in Ukraine, not only in the civil service but also in local governments.

"There will be many discussions and challenges regarding this proposal, but in the end, we must get it implemented and overcome the risks that concern colleagues from other departments, in particular, the anti-corruption sphere," the First Deputy Chairman emphasized.

Oleksandr Korniyenko also noted that it is necessary to continue the course taken by the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service — to improve and institutionally strengthen the system of professional retraining and education of our employees. "In the next 5-10 years, the civil service will see a very serious progress towards European integration. In particular, one of the main points of evaluation of the country's performance on the way to accession is the sustainability of implementation of certain norms," he added.

In addition, the First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine emphasized that within the public administration reform strategy it is important to develop communication components — to return to motivational projects to encourage people to work in the civil service, as well as to encourage them to choose this particular field — we are facing a struggle for quality personnel.

"It's nice that the forum has been taking place on a regular basis for several years now, despite all the difficulties. And it is important that the National Agency and its partners find an opportunity to gather the entire community and discuss specifics that will be the key to the implementation of all decisions," Oleksandr Korniyenko emphasized in conclusion.


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