Dear representatives of the Verkhovna Rada!

Dear Ukrainian friends!

It is a great honour for me to stand here before you today. Over the past 18 months, I have been to Ukraine several times: in Kyiv, Borodianka, Mykolaiv, Odesa and today in Bucha. The destruction that the war has brought is heartbreaking.

The depressing brutality of russian aggression, the senseless evil. I saw soldiers who lost their legs, arms, families who lost their homes, mothers who had to say goodbye to their sons. No words will be enough to describe the suffering you are going through. But, despite the inhumanity of war, despite injustice, despite all the pain, Ukraine and you are still holding on. The world sees the incredible strength of the Ukrainian people. The will to never give up, to fight back against the aggressor, the occupier, as you fight to restore Ukrainian territory, restore justice and bring peace to Europe, to our Europe. Dear people of Ukraine! Your struggle is our struggle.

Your brave President Zelenskyi and the First Lady Zelenska were recently in Denmark. I hope that you felt the sincere support of all of Denmark, all Danes and the entire Danish Parliament, how we stand firmly together with Ukraine, how we have a common desire to help you as much as possible.

Since the war started, we have given our artillery, we have given tanks, armour, missiles, shells. And recently we announced the transfer of nineteen F-16s, combat aircraft. At this very moment, Ukrainian pilots and technicians are being trained in Denmark to work on F-16s. I met with these men and women – Ukrainians in Denmark. They are very proud, they are confident and they are very eager to bring the F-16 aircraft home to Ukraine as soon as possible.

Dear Members of the Parliament! Let me commend you for your efforts to keep your country strong in the face of destruction. Much has been destroyed: infrastructure, schools, shops, but everyone is doing their best, building a new peaceful future, a stronger Ukraine, fighting corruption even during the war. You are getting closer to the European Union, to NATO, and I am deeply and truly impressed. Denmark will support you. And do not doubt that we are with you on this long journey. We are with you for a long time.

Many people said that war would never return to Europe. They were wrong. And they did not understand russia. I say: stop being naive. This war can stop today, all we need is to withdraw russian troops, and this nightmare will end. Until then, dear Ukrainian friends, we will help you, and no one in Europe can say that there is any fatigue from the war. We will go with you as long as necessary. Denmark will not let you down. We will be strong partners in building peace in Ukraine. And we will support your efforts to build relationships with countries around the world, with countries that understand that this senseless war must end; with countries that agree that the principle of sovereignty must prevail, that aggression must not be condoned, that peace must be restored on your terms.

When the President Zelenskyi came to Denmark, he addressed the Danish Parliament, the Danish people, and today I want to bring these words back to you. I want to thank Ukraine. The President, the MPs, every Ukrainian deserves to be thanked. Thank you for fighting, for fighting back. No one should have to endure this. I thank you for your endurance, for standing up to this injustice, for standing up for our common democratic values, for choosing the right side of the equation, for showing us every day what true courage is. You are a nation of heroes!

Thank you! Glory to Ukraine!

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