The Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament thanked Mr. President and the French people for demonstrating the best leadership qualities in supporting Ukraine in its fight against the russian aggressor and expressed confidence in further strengthening of cooperation and friendship between our countries.

“Mr. President, on behalf of the Ukrainian people, I thank you and the people of France for your leadership in supporting Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, who today demonstrate that values are worth fighting for. We are the same European people as we were 360 years ago, during the Cossack era, who love freedom, liberty and will never allow anyone to dominate our land. And I know that this would not have been possible if we did not feel the support of France and the EU,” Ruslan Stefanchuk said during the meeting.

He also emphasized the importance of military assistance to Ukraine, in which France is a leader among the world’s countries.

“We are grateful to receive the weapons that will enable us to liberate the territory of Ukraine from russian invaders. But today it is very important to receive other types of weapons, modern ones, which will enable us to finally win this war,” the Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament emphasized and added that such weapons compensate for the enemy’s numerical superiority and are a way for us to defend our right to life.

He also noted that Ukrainians are a nation that wants peace, and this desire is embodied in the peace formula, an initiative of the President of Ukraine, which we call on all civilized nations to support in order to unite the whole world around this important idea. Therefore, France’s participation in supporting the formula, as one of the world’s leading countries, may be decisive. 

Ruslan Stefanchuk also paid special attention to the support of more than 100,000 Ukrainians who have found refuge in French families, who “support Ukraine in more than words and do everything for our victory.”

The Chairman of the Parliament of Ukraine also called on France to continue to stand by Ukraine on its way to the European Union and NATO, to support the important initiative of holding russia accountable in international courts, isolating it in international institutions and paying reparations to our country for all the damage it has done.

 “Ukraine, on its way to the EU and NATO, demonstrates by example what the values of freedom, dignity, equality, and justice mean to us. Therefore, it is very important for us to continue to maintain solidarity around Ukraine and keep in line,” said the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and expressed confidence in the joint victory of the coalition of European states in this terrible war.

In his turn, the President of France Emmanuel Macron assured the Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament that France always keeps its word to its partners.  And this is especially important in cooperation with Ukraine in the military sphere today, during the war with the russian federation.

“We are constantly discussing details with President Zelenskyy, the Ministers of Defense of Ukraine and France. This was the case with CAESAR, CROTALE or armored vehicles.

If France promises assistance, it provides it, and little time passes between the announcement and the provision of weapons,” Emmanuel Macron said. 

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