The Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Olena Kondratiuk took part in a working meeting with European colleagues, which took place today not in the parliament, but in a bomb shelter.

“Parliamentary diplomacy is in a bomb shelter. Because of the massive missile shelling of Ukraine by russia on the day of its recognition as a terrorist state at the level of the European Parliament, my working meeting with Ruslan Stefanchuk and me with the Ministers for European Affairs of the EU member states was held in a shelter,” said Olena Kondratiuk.

According to her, the response of the EU countries to these attacks should be the same– to further strengthen Ukraine’s defence capabilities and, in general, our ability to maintain normal life in Ukrainian cities and towns. In particular, we need constant assistance with the restoration of energy facilities, all critical infrastructure to provide citizens with water, electricity and heating.

 Olena Kondratiuk appealed to the participants of the meeting to strengthen cooperation at the level of parliaments and governments in order to help Ukraine to restore schools, kindergartens, hospitals and build new ones with bomb shelters without waiting for the end of the war.
“It is very symbolic that this meeting was held in a shelter, and our guests felt the atmosphere and new reality in which we all live. Ukrainian children and adults should have access to safe shelters where they live, study and work. This is a matter of survival and preservation of the most valuable thing – life,” the Vice-Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament stressed and added that today’s decision of the European Parliament should be a signal to all EU countries to recognize the obvious – Russia is a terrorist state and a sponsor of terrorism in one person.

“There is also no other way than to strengthen comprehensive sanctions against Russia, which no longer hides the fact that it deliberately shells civilian objects,” stressed Olena Kondratiuk, emphasizing that justice should be another issue on the joint agenda of Ukraine and the EU.

“Together we must make the impossible possible. It is time to create and launch a special International Tribunal to punish the crime of russian aggression against Ukraine. All russian officials involved in this crime must be brought to justice. We also need to jointly seek inevitable compensation for the damage caused by russia to Ukraine. We want justice, but we cannot wait for it forever, so this tribunal should be launched as soon as possible. If evil is not stopped and punished in time, it always returns,” the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of Ukraine stressed.

She also thanked the delegation of Ministers for European Affairs of the EU member states headed by the Austrian Federal Minister for EU and Constitutional Affairs Karoline Edtstadler for their support of Ukraine, determination and courage to come to Kyiv despite the constant threat of rocket attacks.
“Together we have coordinated our further joint plans to counter russian aggression and combat its consequences. Together we will definitely overcome this evil!” assured Olena Kondratiuk.
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