It was stated by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk on the air of the national telethon “United News”.

He noted that today’s decision of the European Parliament to recognize russia as a state sponsor of terrorism is historic. It was a just result of powerful, gradual work of all branches of the Ukrainian government and the international community.

“Finally, the world has started to call things by their proper names: russia is a terrorist state, russia sponsors terrorism, the russian regime is a terrorist regime, russia is at war not with the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but against the population of Ukraine. The essence of the Russian Federation has been recognized at the world level, and not just by individual parliaments or countries, but by large communities,” the Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament emphasized.

He added that the EP resolution is first of all a political statement, but the status of a “terrorist state” or “state sponsor of terrorism” is legal and entails the consequences of stricter sanctions and more serious isolation of russia. In particular, this decision, according to him, will be decisive in the formation of the list of the ninth package of sanctions, which Russia will receive in the near future.

“Today’s decision of the European Parliament will be a catalyst for many countries of the world.

A state that has this status is considered to be non-handshakable and anyone who works with it will be subject to the most severe sanctions from the EU, the USA, Canada, the UK, and the Asian world.  Therefore, it is very important for us now to simultaneously recognize russia as a state sponsor of terrorism at the level of parliaments of the countries of the world,” Ruslan Stefanchuk emphasized.

He also thanked the entire European Parliament and its President Roberta Metsola for such a powerful support and quoted her words: “We are with you. We are doing it for you”.
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