"From the philosophy of believing that we can endure, we are moving to the philosophy that we will win.» Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine noted this during the meeting with the Federal President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

 Ruslan Stefanchuk emphasized that what is happening now at the front is truly a turning point. «We must end this war quickly. And end with a victory for Ukraine.» Mr. Stefanchuk said.

 «Therefore, I called on the Federal President of Germany to contribute to the adoption of decisions regarding military aid to Ukraine. Because we associate victory with the availability of modern weapons.» Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine stressed.

 He also added that it was important for him to hear that Germany will continue to support Ukraine.

«As Frank-Walter Steinmeier noted, "We act from the conviction that Ukraine is a state that has been attacked. We share the suffering of millions of Ukrainian men and women, and our help will not cease. It has no deadlines. Despite the economic difficulties our society is currently facing, we will continue to support you. As long as it takes." Ruslan Stefanchuk informed.
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