Speakers of three European Parliaments visited the cities of Irpin and Hostomel near Kyiv, which were devastated during the Russian occupation. Talat Xhaferi of North Macedonia, Florin Ci?u of Romania, and Irene Kallin from Switzerland made the journey together with Ruslan Stefanchuk, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada.

Stefanchuk added that it was crucial for him to show the guests not only the level of destruction but also the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people.

"I want to say that I will make all the efforts to support Ukraine both bilaterally and at the level of bilateral support that will be provided to Ukraine by the international community," — Talat Xhaferi said.

"We are always on the side of international law, on the side of international humanitarian law. And we hope that in the coming weeks, in the coming months we will be with you and together with you, and will rebuild an independent, sovereign, prosperous Ukraine," — Irene Kallin said.

"We have a lot of refugees from Ukraine. We work for them and I'm sure we have to help them even more. And we also need to do more for Ukraine. These should be tougher sanctions against Russia. But it should also be a thought about how we should rebuild Ukraine. We must help rebuild your country. We see here a very high spirit of the Ukrainian people. And we are confident that Ukraine will win," — said Florin Ci?u.

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