A month after Russia launched a full scale war against Ukraine, on March 24, 2022, the speakers of the parliaments of Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania signed a joint statement to combine their efforts to end the aggression and restore security in Europe.
Among the other points, the Statement:
  • stresses the necessity to give Ukraine the EU candidate country status;
  • full-heartedly endorses the continuation of the NATO open-door policy;
  • calls International Community to immediately establish no-fly zone over Ukraine in order to prevent massive Civilian casualties;
  • proposes International Community to create full trade embargo against Russia;
  • calls on the Countries to enlarge provision for all necessary weaponry Ukraine needs to win the war;
  • states that war crimes of the Kremlin regime must not go unpunished by the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court;
  • emphasizes the need to start thinking about the reconstruction of Ukraine now and advocating a comprehensive aid plan for Ukraine's economic recovery.
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