Dear colleagues, politicians, all women in charge of national parliaments, female MPs, fellows!
I would never have thought that on the eve of spring I would have to address you not regarding our unity as to the rights and opportunities, but I would have to ask for your help.
Russia has unleashed a full-scale invasion against my country. They are killing our citizens, ruining our homes and infrastructure.
Supported by their own people the Ukrainian army is taking enormous effort to stop the occupants armed to the teeth.
I am addressing you at this very difficult hour, when Russian missiles and bombs are being driven at residential buildings, kindergartens and hospitals and Ukrainian children get killed. When thousands women and children have to spend nights in basements, when pregnant women deliver in bomb shelters.
Since World War II, no other European nation has experienced such a reptile, massive and blood-shedding intervention as Ukraine is now experiencing because of Russia.
No other European nation has ever faced such a severe humanitarian crisis as we are facing today in Ukraine. No one could believe missiles could be launched onto a capital of anUN-founding country.
As a female politician, as a mother, I begging of you not to be silent.  I am calling on you to be united and demonstrate your female political leadership and solidarity with Ukrainian people, with mothers and women of Ukraine.
I am addressing you with a request to mobilise the potential of the members of your national parliaments to stop Russia, to stop death and killings, to stop crimes against humanity being committed against the Ukrainian citizens, women and children by order of the Russian military authorities.
This Russian aggression and its consequences are also a threat to the ecological security in Europe and the World.
The Russian occupational troops have captured the Chornobyl powerplant, its personnel have been taken prisoners.
One of the biggest ecological disasters in the history of humankind happened right there back in 1986. Millions of people in numerous European countries could feel the consequences of the radioactive pollution - Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Norway, Austria, Great Britain, Germany. The Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden.
Because of this serious threat to the Chornobyl Powerplant that the Russian troops are causing, that catastrophe can happen again any minute. A missile exploding over the powerplant will not only take the lives of Ukrainians but also other Europeans and their children.
There are four power plants with 15 energy units in Ukraine and letting Russia attack a country like that is a collapse of the entire international security system!
For exactly this reason I am calling on you to do everything you can at the level of your local parliaments in order to close the sky over Ukraine and introduce a no-fly zone. This is the only way to save hundreds of thousands of lives, or equally by silent idleness become accomplices in war crimes against Ukrainian people…
Only Ukraine within the framework of its international liabilities, which it has always committed to, can guarantee security to the Chornobyl power plant and its nuclear shelter and protect Europe from a new nuclear disaster.
I am convinced after the Good wins the Evil, after Peace has settled, we, altogether, will again open the clear, peaceful sky over Ukraine and Europe.

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