The third day of the war.

It is the third day when we all made sure how powerful and unbreakable is the Ukrainian Spirit!

It is the third day when everyone regardless of sex, nationality, political or religious views turned into the United Ukrainian Nation under the hellfire.

A Great Nation!

The Nation of winners!

The nation which the whole world is proud of!

Also, we are all proud of our Armed Forces, Territorial defense, police, National Guard, Security Service of Ukraine, intelligence, border guards.

And of course, we are proud of our President of Ukraine, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Volodymyr Zelenskyy!

Today we are going through maybe the most important exam which has fallen to our generation. And we are going through it with Honor!

I am proud of each of you!

I am proud of my nation!

I am happy to be a participant in these events!

And we will inevitably win!

Because we are on Our Land!

The truth is with us!

God is with us!

Glory to Ukraine!

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